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I Want to PERSONALLY Work With You Face-to-Face to Help You Overcome the Challenges and Traumas From Your Past to Help You Move Forward In Your Future!
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Don't Just Take Our Word For It...
Don't Just Take Our Word For It...
See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!
"I just wanted to say thank you for letting me work with you. My life is so different than it was before attending your 180° Experience class. I feel joy and freedom every day since. I still run the gamet of emotions but I am lighter and don't sink deep into emotions with a heavy heart. You have a gift for teaching people around you how to truly love ourselves and others. Thank you from the bottom of my light ❤️."
GWENA F. - Cardiac Nurse
GLENDA C. - Home Organizational Expert
"Dr. Trivedi's '180° Experience' was absolutely amazing and life changing. This by far, is the most self empowering event I have ever attended. I highly recommend this event to everyone, it is very powerful and will make such an impact in your life, and you will really discover who you are.
In three days, I was able to let go of all my past judgments, shame, guilt, and stories I had created in my head, that were holding me back in life and affecting my self-confidence. I feel so much better physically, from the inside out, and feel lighter without any burdens or doubts in my mind. I am more focused and inspired, have no worries any more, and am grateful for who I am and my past journey. This experience has really shown me how important love, gratitude, and connection plays so much in our lives. I am more authentically grounded in who I am, and feel empowered as a business owner and a mom. I am ready to move forward with confidence, mastering my life, looking for challenges and support, and ready to live an inspired life."
"I attended the 180° Experience. Immediately upon leaving to head home, I felt lighter and less anxious. Upon arriving home and going back to work Monday morning, everyone around me seemed different, also lighter. I immediately knew that any heavy energy that had been present was mostly, if not all coming from me. The energy around me is noticeably different and continues to be, even 2 weeks later as the nonsense has started to rain down, as it always will. The week following 180° Experience, I had at least 5 people ask if I had lost weight, obviously carrying around all that nonsense was literally weighing me down. Of course as life goes on and new junk shows up, I am handling it all so much better. The every day chaos doesn't wear me down, like it used to, and the stuff that used to seem like a crisis, I've been handling like a boss! I'm sleeping better and wake feeling rested."
"When you think you've done all the "self-growth" work, another layer always shows up. After attending The 180° Experience, I found myself in a space of expansive gratitude for all experiences in my life. What's really awesome is I know more of WHY I get triggered and HOW to navigate such challenges when they arise even better. It's hard to sum up into words the magic and transformation that was experienced...it has been mind blowing, really. I am still processing, integrating, and feeling a deeper shift from within compared to other programs I have attended. If you're looking to cut through to the nonsense stories that hold you back in life, THIS program is for YOU. Dr. Trivedi is masterful at guiding people through even the "worst" of traumas and stories. I can promise you'll LOVE it and your life will be transformed forever."
"My life has been profoundly transformed by the 180° Experience. I had no idea what to expect walking in that room on day one but I did know I'd be walking out transformed because Dr. Trivedi's program are very powerful. I left behind long held stories that were holding me back because I was holding on to them, the past and the lies. My eyes have been opened to a new level of awareness. My heart has been opened to a new level of love. My mind has been opened to a new level of gratitude for myself, all of the people in my world and all that I have experienced. I have read all the self help books, I have been in year long coaching programs, I have mediated and gone on yoga retreats. No program is like this nothing cuts to the chase and gets you to live, really live an authentic life."
DR. DEBBIE - Post-Concussion Expert
"Dr. Trivedi! I want to thank you for The 180° Experience last weekend!! It was truly an amazing experience. Who would ever thought that all of us are the same but in different forms. That was mind blowing!! I was so grateful to be with the other individuals in the room. I remember walking into the room and wondering who they are and prejudging them. However, at the end the three days I understood we are all the same. We all are hurt, shameful, guilty, doubtful, misunderstood and more. I was so grateful to be apart of that team and to take part in all the transformations that took place last weekend, especially the ones I experienced. I am a different person. My heart is filled with gratitude and love; it's such an incredible state to be in. I am grateful for you and your work, Dr. Trivedi. It not only has changed my life, but my son's as well. For that, I am most grateful. He is everything to me and to see him transform and now to have the opportunity to work with you, I couldn't ask for a greater gift." 
JACKIE - Senior Financial  Adviser
WANDA ARCHER  - Financial Adviser
"The impact on me from  The180° Experience, left me speechless. Understanding how all the nonsense stories I created in my life has served me in ways that I could not see before was/is truly transformational. It brings tears to my eyes even now.  
My perceptions have changed. I see the world in a very different way. I have lost the stories that were embedded so deeply inside of me. Without the stories, all my judgments, fears, resentments, guilts, shame and other nonsense emotions, are gone. I left the weekend with a ‘strange’ feeling of emptiness and of feeling many pounds lighter. The emptiness was the loss of the stories, and is a feeling I still have to this day. What took its place is a feeling of fulfillment and a tremendous love for myself.  
The 180° Experience has prepared me to move into the next level of challenges in my life. I am looking forward to the challenges to show up, because I have the tools and techniques to neutralize them. My awareness has changed from creating judgments (stories) to seeing life in its different forms and where I do the same. 
By clearing the stories, I am now able to define my mission with crystal-clear clarity. Moving into my mission will change the trajectory of my life and the lives of those I will serve. My business is evolving and growing; my personal life is being defined and I find it easier to say — NO — to tasks, activities, and people that do not serve me. In fact, saying “No” is very easy for me now – which it never has been in the past. 
The 180 Experience has transformed my thinking and redefined my life and who I thought I was. I am looking forward to doing the work to keep myself in alignment and move into mastering my life. I understand I am at, where I am at, because that is how it is supposed to be. I understand that nothing is missing. I understand love and gratitude on a completely different level. I am authentic to myself. I love myself. I look forward to embracing the next set of challenges and serving the world as I move up and through the different spheres of influence.  
There is only one word to describe The 180 Experience…..#FAAK"
A letter from April, a Chief Operating Officer...
"The best way I can describe my experience with the three-day 180° Experience is to say that my mind was cleared from self-inflicted judgments, fears, and anxieties; similar to a computer defragmentation process. The result was a clearing of space in my mind to be present. With Dr. Trivedi’s unique ability to unmask the greatness inside each person, I was able to experience love for who I am, exactly how I am, and find my inspiration for my purpose in the world. Two weeks after the program, it appears that the work we did has permanently eliminated the self-critical voice in my mind…this is an astonishing and unexpected gift.

Additional benefits that came out of the program:

1. Power of Connection – On a personal level, I re-experienced an acute loss of connection and how this loss and all the emotions tied to it were creating imbalance in my life. By getting in touch with this moment and becoming aware of the suppressed or unrecognized emotions, I now appreciate my emotions, which serve as a guide to understanding myself better and getting centered. I also experienced a unique connection with every person in the room and their brilliance, love, transformation, and healing.

2. Power of Self-worth – As a result of this program, I see the beauty and power in my values and feminine nature; I previously viewed these as liabilities in the corporate world. Similarly, where I previously saw a weakness in one of my leadership traits, I now see another side of my talents, which was far more impactful than me having the one skill I thought I was lacking. Furthermore, I had written off certain aspects of myself that I previously deemed wrong, bad, or unworthy and I now embrace all these parts of myself and feel like my spirit is less fragmented.

3. Power of Gratitude – I experienced gratitude on many levels, ranging from appreciation to what can only be described as something like divinity. First, I have an even greater appreciation for the people in my life and how we contribute to each others’ wholeness. Second, I have been liberated to fully embrace being both a harmonizer AND a challenger because I want myself and those around me to experience both peace and evolution. Third and most unexpected, was that I experienced a sense of divinity as we worked through each of my issues. In the act of getting centered (seeing both sides of my long-held stories, beliefs, traumas, and issues) I found neutrality in this balanced view. When centered and neutral, there was only pure love, lightness and release from a lifetime of weights. This was a profound experience.

In summary, Dr. Trivedi hosted an intimate dialogue of inspired self-reflection, personal and group connection, and created a powerful opportunity for healing of every participant’s emotional/mental baggage. I walked away from this transformational dialogue and reflection with the ability to be more of myself, to honor my values, to find gratitude in my challenges, to love all that I am and my purpose, and to enjoy living my life my own unique way!"
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